Monthly Archives: July 2007

Vintage Beer Advertisements That’ll Make You Stop the Drink!

I love YouTube! I just found this homage to vintage television commercials that are all about beer…


Where the Glamour Was!!!

Way back from the 40’s comes a rare find on YouTube!

Plastic Fantastic – Lucite Purses for Every Budget

In pursuit of the perfect vintage lucite purse or fabulous clutch? One that will make Carrie Bradshaw and the girls extremely “J”? Check out these lovelies that I found recently, along with some online stores that can help you perfect your style.

Bag Snob featured the adorable clutch below, which can be found for a cool $495 at Deco Jewels in NYC:


Gorgeous Vintage Flapper Purse for sale on ebay by iused2have1ofthose!!

Rhinestone Love for sale on ebay from myfrenchchateau22

Mexican Mania!

Always one striving to emulate Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe and accessories, I’m constantly on the hunt for cute Mexican adornments. And, as you might imaging, Mexican peasant tops are the rage here in Tejas! Not only are they comfy and cute, you can get them at the border for around $10. But for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have Mexico knocking at your back door, finding vintage and vintage-inspired Mexican goodies can be a challenge! My most recent finds (all of which I love with a passion) can be seen below.

Day of the Dead Clutch by Wolfbait for $12.95

Vintage Mexicana @ Ultraretro  for $39.50

Mexican Charms by Starwillowstudio for  $27

5 Centavos Porfavor by OldSoulJewel for $20

Loteria del Corazon by trink for $35