Magnolia Pearl on My Back!

Okay, I went insane a month or so ago and went on a little shopping binge at Magnolia Pearl. I almost escaped without a purchase, but the bohemian hipstress gods wouldn’t let me leave without a purchase. So, I am now the proud owner of a most fabulous and luxurious Magnolia Pearl Backpack. It is absolutely stunning and very ornate and everything you would expect from Ms. Brown. $830 later, it was at my doorstep in a matter of days. The only flaw is that the snap at the top of the backpack doesn’t stay closed when you carry it around. Robin…if you see this, what can I do to make it better?

My new lovely is still pictured on the MP web site, so I’ve linked to it because it’s gorgeous and I love it! I have another Magnolia Pearl purse that I bought a couple of years ago when she was just getting started and I love that one too! This one is far more elaborate, but they are both wonderful!

Yes, I worship at the alter of Magnolia Pearl and hope to one day visit her fabulous place in Bandera!


3 responses to “Magnolia Pearl on My Back!

  1. Hey I wondered who had snagged this lovely… smiles… it IS a treasure and I loved the colors too! I went insane too and purchased one of the other lovelies that wasn’t yet taken, can’t wait to receive it! I’m also the proud owner of another one of her fab creations that I snagged on E-Bay and just love. I’ve got her book pre-ordered, heard it comes out in August but the pre-orders won’t be delivered ’til October by the bookstores… whatsup-with-that?!? *sigh* She and another designed Carol Bolton-Hicks have inspired me to start making some of my own lovelies by hand since I adore and have been collecting vintage fabrics and brooches forever and now have to find a “use” for the overspill! *wink* When I’m creating I’m in the zone and it’s so much fun, but it is a skill I must perfect and I can’t hold a candle to Robin’s workmanship, I bow down to her! *LOL* I’ve enjoyed your Page and CONGRATS on your purchase, enjoy… enjoy… enjoy!!!

  2. Have you ever checked out La-di-da Handbags? Some of them remind me of Magnolia Pearl.

  3. Samantha Forrest

    I love Magnolia Pearl and found something similar but without all the doodahs at an art show in Prescott, Arizona, a month ago. I like the frilly lacey stuff of MP, but I get more use out of this bag. The designer has a site in progress at if you want to check out this type of bag.

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