Pillaging Joan’s Closet in 2011

I’m deep in the throes of reading “Mommie Dearest,” for the second time in my life.  My first exposure to the ways of Ms. Crawford were in my teenage years, and I have to admit that even then, I found her life mysterious and intriguing and her relationship with her daughter disturbing. Admittedly, I always wondered what it would be like to step back in time and pillage her closet.

Regardless, I remain a huge fan of Joan Crawford and her celluloid self.  If I could pick an era for my time machine, it would be the golden days of Hollywood. I have much love for the stunning fashion and glam jewelry of that era, which lead me on a search to find some pretties while ringing in the New Year. They most certainly won’t bring back Ms. Crawford, but they will bring out your inner  glamor queen.

Swingkatsvintage on Etsy

TheVintageStudio on Etsy

allencompanyinc. on Etsy

Aliveness on Etsy

TheTreasureCat on Etsy

VintageBellaBride on Etsy


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