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Clutch on to the Past and Hold on to Your Cash

I adore clutch purses. They are high on the desirability scale and are the perfect compliment to any wardrobe. And seriously, who can ever  have enough purses?  Inexpensive and funky are two qualities that I look for on a regular basis.  Check out these adorable vintage clutches that can you be yours for less than $5.00 each!

Madonna Gold from Circa2009 – only $2.00 (yes, you read it right)


Brocade by Garay from rachelpink27 – only $3.25


Red, Red Wine from retroheart – Only $4.00

Wicked Wicker from TriciaRenee – $4.50


White Wonder from helenshassack – Only $4.99


Saddle Up from bassamundovintage – Only $4.99



What’s Behind Door No. 4?

Perhaps the name is a spin on the oh-so-trendy “Let’s Make a Deal” game show that graced the small screen back in the ’70s, but I have to tell you Door Number 4 is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. Being that I’m on a serious Peacock kick, I found the most amazing 60s seed bead covered oversized peacock purse ever at Door No. 4 and it sealed the deal. I’m keeping an eye on this shop. No I won’t be giving up my precious bag anytime soon (see pic below), but I will say that there are lots of mod and retro trendy goods to be had behind those doors.

My latest aquisition:

As of today, some of the super cool retro chic things you’ll find behind the Door include:

Super chic ’80s butterfly sweater: $68

A pair of matching “Go Go Madness” sunglasses: $30

Or how about an Aquarium around your neck for inspiration? $46

Lovin the Little [VINTAGE] Black Dress

Super cool that LoveDove Vintage (my etsy shop) was featured on the “Daily Swank” at Vintage Indie today.

Lovin’ on the little black dress, they picked out some super cute and oh-so-vintage party dresses that are perfect for the season.

See the article at Vintage Indie.


Crochet Makes a Comeback!

Who doesn’t remember visiting grandma’s house and finding all kinds of crochet goodies strategically placed around the house? I certainly do!!! You may flashback and think, that stuff was hideous! But crochet is making a comeback, and this time, it’s cool, artsy and dare I say…hip! Check out some of the crochet wonders I found recently that are both vintage and vintage inspired and get hooked up!

Haute Hooked Designs is one of my favorite new finds! Super cute vintage inspired capelets, scarves, and lariats. Check out the HauteHookedDesigns store on Etsy, and a peek at my most fav creations from this designer:

Ice Queen $48

Soho Scarf in SubLime $40


Vintage Handmade Cape/Poncho $22.99

Ezra’s Cousin

 Vintage style capelet $40

Lovely Things

Burgundy Cape $72