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All buttoned up — and loving it!

Being a fanatical collector of vintage jewelry, I am always on the lookout for interesting and unusual handcrafted items that utilize vintage and vintage inspired components. I just found (and subsequently bought) the amazing ring below from the designer Crazycakes on Etsy, who has some of the most amazing vintage inspired Czech glass buttons I have ever seen for sale at her web site!

She also has some gorgeous button charm bracelets (see below) and they are modestly priced at $34.


Vintage Craftable Curios that Ooze Inspiration

I have a crafting streak that runs hot and cold, but I’m always searching for funky things for inspiration. The Naughty Secretary Club has the right idea–they assembled lots of found vinty fabulous things that you can be used to perpetuate your own crafty goodness. And for those who love vintage stuff to craft with, but have little time to hit the flea market or thrift stores to search for them personally, leave it to the Naughtys to shop for you. You can make all kinds of clever things–from sculpture art to funky chunky charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can even use them to adorn your favorite pair of vintage pumps–and really give your friends something to talk about!

$18 and you can have the Wee People Craft Curios:

Or how about the Bubblegum Crafty Curios ($16):

Or perhaps the Funny Hat Crafty Curios ($16):

And one of my favs–Polka Dot Party Bead and Cab Mix ($32):

Bendywho Makes Fantastic Flauntables!

Admittedly, when it comes to charm bracelets, my wallet has a tendency to fly open and my cash spontaneously disappears. But I always end up with some really cool jewels. Case in point. I went a little crazy shopping on etsy last night and found a new jewelry designer (Bendywho) who has some really amazing creations made with vintage and newer finds.  I bought the two bracelets (below) from her and will probably be standing by the mailbox until they are sitting on my wrists.

Bendywho also has some other creations that anyone who appreciates one-of-a-kind jewelry will undoubtedly love. Check them out below or click here to visit her store. The picks below are a sampling of some of the new creations she’s added — charm bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Simply gorgeous!!!

Cardinal Rules Charm bracelet ($115)

Romantic Love Earrings ($124)

Honeydew Asian Necklace ($135)