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Love Me Some Leopard

Leopard Love - $14.99

Leopard Love - $14.99

Okay, leopard print is the token pattern of the Rockabilly world (and of course, the Cheetah Girls), but you don’t have to identify with any particular crowd to throw a little animal into your wardrobe. 

For those who are feeling a little wild, check out these new leopard patterned vintage finds I just put in my etsy shop at


Rockabilly Repeat Coat - $18.99

Rockabilly Repeat Coat - $18.99


Naughty but nice

Naughty Lulu has some of the cutest handmade vintage style wares ever that are currently on my most favorite of sites–Etsy.  Some of her items that I truly love and think are just adorable are the knitted corsets (check them out below). For a mere $22, you can add them to your wardrobe–I think they would be really cute worn over a skinny t-shirt and jeans. But use your imagination. She also has some burlesque hats ($20) that are fab, too!

Aqua Corset with Black Vinyl

Black Pinstripe Bustier

Add the hat for the entire look:

Burlesque Top Hat

Brown Burlesque Top Hat

Quite Possibly the Best Vintage Mexican Skirts Ever!

Circle skirts of the 50s are not only fab, they’re practically art. There are all kinds of interesting ones out there to add to your wardrobe–particularly the ones I found below.

My favorite, which I found on ebay for sale by “Missaylee”  is a vintage 40s or 50s outfit (with of course, the perfect circle skirt). It so amazing, it makes me want to wave a red flag and chase a matador!

No wait! This one from Bombshell Bettys comes with a matador! How lucky! It’s priced at $145.

Here’s a bold red and black statement from seller starnaudmo that says it all without saying a word!

This vintage handpainted beauty available from decogirl007 can be yours for a cool $59.99 (buy it now) for those who don’t desire to play the auction game.

Vintage Craftable Curios that Ooze Inspiration

I have a crafting streak that runs hot and cold, but I’m always searching for funky things for inspiration. The Naughty Secretary Club has the right idea–they assembled lots of found vinty fabulous things that you can be used to perpetuate your own crafty goodness. And for those who love vintage stuff to craft with, but have little time to hit the flea market or thrift stores to search for them personally, leave it to the Naughtys to shop for you. You can make all kinds of clever things–from sculpture art to funky chunky charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can even use them to adorn your favorite pair of vintage pumps–and really give your friends something to talk about!

$18 and you can have the Wee People Craft Curios:

Or how about the Bubblegum Crafty Curios ($16):

Or perhaps the Funny Hat Crafty Curios ($16):

And one of my favs–Polka Dot Party Bead and Cab Mix ($32):

Leading a “Plastic” Charmed Life

I just spent the weekend in San Francisco, where I always find plenty of fashion inspiration! One example is my friend Jessie who is currently designing vintage and retro inspired plastic and lucite jewelry out of salvaged and new parts  crafted from vintage molds. While she is currently ramping up to offer her goods online, I was lucky enough to score one of the rings that she made…and quite a few compliments on my ring, too.

Jessie’s creativity piqued my curiosity, so I set out in search of other plastic costume jewelry that borders on kitschy creativity.

My first find was Gee Lizzie, who has some really cute vintage plastic charm bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and earrings that have cute little plastic trinkets that have your strolling down memory lane before you know it. The charming necklace below is only $14 — well worth a trip down memory lane.

These cute little scotty dog earrings are a find for $6.50 — at Gee Lizzie, too.

Or how about this adorable pendant from Gee Lizzie for $11.00.

Who can pass up these vintage plastic doll charms from AtomicVeggiecom that are straight out of the 1960s.  (Tell me your friends won’t be Jealous!)

Totally in love with this bracelet from SassyFrass, which is made from vintage plastic flowers and Swaroski crystals. A little pricier at $80, but truly one of a kind and perfect for the Spring!

Get “in the pink” with this pink and yellow plastic “bunny love” dangle necklace from angelovepink, priced at $55.

Salvage Inspiration Keeps it “Green”

Now here’s an online boutique that was “born out of a love for all things vintage, and a disgust for the disposable society we live in” — Salvage Life. Finding inspiration in all things vintage and retro, SalvageLife not only has fantastic vintage finds, they are also helping promote green living by discouraging wastefulness and promoting sustainable buying practices. It all sounds great…and it is! This shop is cute and below are some of my fav things they offer.

A totally girly “Sweet Army” trench coat ($58).

“Weighing the Odds” chunky gold vintage necklace ($12).

Super cute “black and white” organic print vintage tote ($32).