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It’s November 4, 2008, and all I can say is…I thought this day would NEVER get here! I’m so anxious for the votes to be tallied to see who the next president will be that I can’t even bear the thought of turning on the TV and suffering through endless hours of projections. I just want to know and get on with it!

So, to pass some time, I set off to find some patriotic vintage wearables that celebrate the red, white and blue in a most patriotic way, while also fitting into darn near anyone’s budget. Here’s what I came up with:

Go visit HeidiJo1 at etsy for a fab patriotic retro belt – only $8









Wear your patriotism short and sassy in this vintage dress from whatcirca @ etsy – priced at $22

How about this awesome retro GOP pin from Daschiefriend @ etsy – a mere $8













Show the patriotic flower power with this pin from VintageReRun @ etsy – $8


Beyond Unique — Creative in Austin

How do a husband and wife team inspire each other to create “beyond unique” vintage inspired handcrafted items? The tag team at Beyond Unique have created some adorable charm necklaces that mix old and new in a fresh way and they even have some other vintage jewelry that is quite different. Check out some of their creations below and visit their store on etsy!

Shoe Locket – $25

Agate Sombrero – $22


Unicorn – $23

Small Owl – $22

All keyed up – it’s about time!

Vintage salvage jewelry bits and pieces are back en vogue–and two of the hippest trinkets you can flaunt this summer are vintage keys and timepieces. Look at some of these super cute vintage keys and clocks charms that I recently found that you can wear with the cute summer styles.

No. 091 Miss Ruby Evangeline Bourdon – $28 by Talula

Treasure of Love necklace – $4 from Make Me Smile Jewelry

Room No. 5 – $23.50 by PetitOiseau

Open the Door to Love – $25 by Glitteryblue

Music is My Life – $15 by Piggy

Vintage Brass Skeleton Key – $23.00 by PetitOiseau

Time After Time – $22 by The Hand of Fatima

Locket Pocket Watch – $12 from Nellyjoy

Just the Bombalurina!

Vintage jewelry is the bomb–especially the revamped vintage created by none other than Bombalurina! This artist knows how to combine vintage jewelry findings into thoroughly modern individual statements!

Twilight Time Necklace – $25

Affirmatif Necklace – $29

Lucky in Love – $25

Outlaw Cameo Earrings – $14

Decades Necklace – $37

All eyes on the ears!

One of my favorite jewelry designers Wendy of Bendywho, puts together lovely creations that are very organic and oh-so unique! I’m completely in love with her jewelry and would buy them all up if I could. I am the proud owner of two of her fabulous 50’s inspired chunky charm bracelets and recently paraded them around Vegas for plenty of compliments!

Now Wendy has some awesome new earrings that have caught my eye, which are crafted out of vintage and newer baubles. Check them out and visit her shop to get your own Bendywho creation!

Warrior Rose Assymetric Earrings


Rosebud Copper Earrings

Old Venetian Style Assymetric Earrings

Reinvented & Reconstructed Spring Flings

By now it’s clear that I love vintage jewelry–but I also love the artistry behind reconstructing and reinventing new creations from vintage jewels. Here are my current favorites that I spotted recently. The best part? These are one of a kind treasures that you can get at the mall!

Pequitobun‘s mantra is “vintage reinvented” and they love to be creative–and it shows. Check out these vintage glam somewhat victorian grunge girl hippie chick creations.

Shakespeare in love ($99)

Punk rock princess ($129)

Save the last dance ($85)

The grant lily be my witness ($39)

Vintage Craftable Curios that Ooze Inspiration

I have a crafting streak that runs hot and cold, but I’m always searching for funky things for inspiration. The Naughty Secretary Club has the right idea–they assembled lots of found vinty fabulous things that you can be used to perpetuate your own crafty goodness. And for those who love vintage stuff to craft with, but have little time to hit the flea market or thrift stores to search for them personally, leave it to the Naughtys to shop for you. You can make all kinds of clever things–from sculpture art to funky chunky charm bracelets, necklaces and earrings. You can even use them to adorn your favorite pair of vintage pumps–and really give your friends something to talk about!

$18 and you can have the Wee People Craft Curios:

Or how about the Bubblegum Crafty Curios ($16):

Or perhaps the Funny Hat Crafty Curios ($16):

And one of my favs–Polka Dot Party Bead and Cab Mix ($32):