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Clutch on to the Past and Hold on to Your Cash

I adore clutch purses. They are high on the desirability scale and are the perfect compliment to any wardrobe. And seriously, who can ever  have enough purses?  Inexpensive and funky are two qualities that I look for on a regular basis.  Check out these adorable vintage clutches that can you be yours for less than $5.00 each!

Madonna Gold from Circa2009 – only $2.00 (yes, you read it right)


Brocade by Garay from rachelpink27 – only $3.25


Red, Red Wine from retroheart – Only $4.00

Wicked Wicker from TriciaRenee – $4.50


White Wonder from helenshassack – Only $4.99


Saddle Up from bassamundovintage – Only $4.99



All Eyes on Sharon Tate

This is an awesome behind-the-scenes peek at the life of Sharon Tate –“she had that thing you just can’t explain.”

and…”Valley of the Dolls” promo…perhaps her most well-known role.

Salvage Inspiration Keeps it “Green”

Now here’s an online boutique that was “born out of a love for all things vintage, and a disgust for the disposable society we live in” — Salvage Life. Finding inspiration in all things vintage and retro, SalvageLife not only has fantastic vintage finds, they are also helping promote green living by discouraging wastefulness and promoting sustainable buying practices. It all sounds great…and it is! This shop is cute and below are some of my fav things they offer.

A totally girly “Sweet Army” trench coat ($58).

“Weighing the Odds” chunky gold vintage necklace ($12).

Super cute “black and white” organic print vintage tote ($32).

All About Flower Power!

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than with vintage or retro flower prints and accessories? I have to admit, I really love one of a kind handcrafted or vintage wares that put a new spin on bright florals. My first find is something that anyone who appreciates 70s inspired accessories will truly adore.  Created by Oh My Cavalier, these little victorian-inspired cuties will take you back to a time when life was so much simpler. For a mere $10, you can have your very own.

How about a groovy retroed-out belt that was a wardrobe staple in the 60s? Check out these retro belts created by CB Stitches, which are a mere $6.99 each.

Big Biba & the Boho Lifestyle

Picture it. London in the 60s. Life was a psychedelic ride and shopping at Big Biba was the fast track to ecstacy. Noted as “the most beautiful store in the world,” no store since has managed to capture the essence of shopping at Big Biba–where the shopping experience that was more than an experience, but an all-out exploration.

The Estee Lauder counter in today’s department stores for example, pale in comparison to the cosmetics counter at Big Biba, where a cruciform display unit of black glass and specially made peach mirrors, were loaded with gobs of makeup & toiletries.  Somewhere, someone calculated that,  in its prime, the Big Biba cosmetics counter averaged one item sold every seven seconds, when averaged across a week. Standing out in a crowd requires toiletries.

But the toiletries counter is just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to exploring the luxe Biba offered. It offered the height of fashion, what we would definitely consider boho wearables today, shoes to die for and and more whimsical shopping areas that you aren’t likely to find in one store today. One example, and perhaps my favorite, is  “The Mistress Room,” see below. Yes, you read it right, The Mistress Room.

According to Alywn Turner, Author of the Biba Experience: “In one corner of the third floor was the Mistress Room with a huge bed covered in satin sheets and a kitsch pink marble bath. The intention was to sell ‘long satin gloves, naughty negligees, edible underwear and other pieces of ersatz erotica’, though most visitors settled for a pack of playing cards adorned with 1950s-style cheesecake pin-ups.” I doubt Macys would dare be that racy.

Perhaps we can start a petition to bring back Big Biba– it was vintage glam splashed with boho retro at it’s best. But all is not lost. The  Biba experience lives on in the printed page at least and has been well documented in several books. Visit Amazon, do search on Big Biba, and see for yoursef.  Also visit The Biba Experience at and Alywn Turner’s site “Welcome to Big Biba” at:

Dropping a bombshell

Bombshell Vintage is throwing down the “boom-boom.” This popular ebay store, which is more vintage inspired than true vintage clothing, has, nonetheless, the kind of clothing Marilyn Monroe would, quite literally, have loved to wriggle around in.

Offering everything from babydoll to boho, Bombshell Vintage is definitely “little red dress” approved. In fact, you’re bound to find the perfect vinty dress for any festive occassion. See for yourself @

Who’s your mama?

Ebay is rife with vintage inspiration. For many, its a virtual vintage closet, offering one-of-a-kind treasures that are available for discovery every minute of the day. Flashback fashionistas in search of  just the right addition to their 60s, 70s, and 80s inspired wardrobes should take a stroll through the virtual aisles of Mamastonevintage. 

Mama is not only a trendsetter, she continues to find and offer the most desirable vintage clothing, shoes and occasionally accessories for absolutely standout looks. Who knew that that yellow and orange plaid coat in the back of Aunt Mabel’s closet would be the object of an all-out bidding war for ownership, with the exclusive priviledge of being the only person in your town (and possibly in the world) to have one like it.

image (c)

Mama’s clothes tend to run extra-small to medium in size and are highly desired by  the Indie and hippie inspired fashion crowd.  She ships worldwide and the fees are reasonable. See for yourself at the Mamstonevintage web site at and her ebay store at