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It’s November 4, 2008, and all I can say is…I thought this day would NEVER get here! I’m so anxious for the votes to be tallied to see who the next president will be that I can’t even bear the thought of turning on the TV and suffering through endless hours of projections. I just want to know and get on with it!

So, to pass some time, I set off to find some patriotic vintage wearables that celebrate the red, white and blue in a most patriotic way, while also fitting into darn near anyone’s budget. Here’s what I came up with:

Go visit HeidiJo1 at etsy for a fab patriotic retro belt – only $8









Wear your patriotism short and sassy in this vintage dress from whatcirca @ etsy – priced at $22

How about this awesome retro GOP pin from Daschiefriend @ etsy – a mere $8













Show the patriotic flower power with this pin from VintageReRun @ etsy – $8


Strolling Down Old School Animation Lane

Vintage cartoons are making a comeback in the online community. I just discovered a site called Vuze where is “bringing on the cartoon nostalgia” with our old school favorites — Popeye and Betty Boop for starters…

Reminds me of Saturday mornings in front of the old console rapt in the antics of Popeye, Olive Oil and Brutus. If you want to do the same again (only this time in front of your computer screen) check it out at

What’s Behind Door No. 4?

Perhaps the name is a spin on the oh-so-trendy “Let’s Make a Deal” game show that graced the small screen back in the ’70s, but I have to tell you Door Number 4 is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. Being that I’m on a serious Peacock kick, I found the most amazing 60s seed bead covered oversized peacock purse ever at Door No. 4 and it sealed the deal. I’m keeping an eye on this shop. No I won’t be giving up my precious bag anytime soon (see pic below), but I will say that there are lots of mod and retro trendy goods to be had behind those doors.

My latest aquisition:

As of today, some of the super cool retro chic things you’ll find behind the Door include:

Super chic ’80s butterfly sweater: $68

A pair of matching “Go Go Madness” sunglasses: $30

Or how about an Aquarium around your neck for inspiration? $46

It’s Hip to be Hipster

I got the greatest email from Stacey at Hipsterville, an extension of Love their site and you will too! Here’s Stacey’s note verbatim, below:

OMG, loving Vinty! Just wanted to let you know about our little online shop.

Hipsterville is the one-stop destination for smashing vintage gear with a rock-n-pop edge.  Inspired by the musical icons of the past, we only stock our shop with pieces that are colorful & quirky and always with a nod to current fashion trends.

I know what you’re thinking.  ANOTHER eBay vintage shop?  Everyone and their brother’s-girlfriend’s-sister’s-best friend has an eBay vintage shop these days.  But face it, you just can’t get enough and we think that you’ll dig our point-of-view, which is all about dancing to the beat of a different drummer.   

Hipsterville is an extension of the web magazine where music & fashion were always our passion and our vintage selection reflects this.  Every piece in the shop is named after a song and many of them have been modified to fit the shape of modern girlie style so you never look like you’re wearing a costume, just a fab little frock that will totally turn heads. 

We also craft customized pieces with darling little embroidery & appliqués using recycled fabrics under our label 28 Crash! (loads of owls, and birds, and horses…OH MY!)   Stop by your local Urban Outfitters and you may find our stuff on their Urban Renewal rack.  Or you can just go to our online shop! 

So make sure to check us out, be prepared to SMILE!  And if you want to swap plugs and links, make sure to contact us so we can spread the word about YOU as well.

Rock on with your bad self!


Editor-in-Chief/ Creative Director Extraordinaire

Super Mod Chick Garnish

Everything mod is fun again and Canadian artist Colleen Baran has designed some of the most fascinating  mod jewelry around. I’m a recent proud owner of the ring below–and while it took a while to finally arrive– it was well worth the wait. Colleen is attracting all types of attention–being featured in jewelry books and magazine articles, but she is modest about these achievements.

My super cool ring from the Bubble Lace Series ($129)  is below:

Check out some of her many different jewelry designs at her etsy shop. She works with multiple materials like silver and she recently unveiled a line of felted jewelry.

Bubble Lace Hoop Earrings $169

Floating Saucer Ring $54

Framework Series Ring $64

Crochet Makes a Comeback!

Who doesn’t remember visiting grandma’s house and finding all kinds of crochet goodies strategically placed around the house? I certainly do!!! You may flashback and think, that stuff was hideous! But crochet is making a comeback, and this time, it’s cool, artsy and dare I say…hip! Check out some of the crochet wonders I found recently that are both vintage and vintage inspired and get hooked up!

Haute Hooked Designs is one of my favorite new finds! Super cute vintage inspired capelets, scarves, and lariats. Check out the HauteHookedDesigns store on Etsy, and a peek at my most fav creations from this designer:

Ice Queen $48

Soho Scarf in SubLime $40


Vintage Handmade Cape/Poncho $22.99

Ezra’s Cousin

 Vintage style capelet $40

Lovely Things

Burgundy Cape $72

Plastic Fantastic – Lucite Purses for Every Budget

In pursuit of the perfect vintage lucite purse or fabulous clutch? One that will make Carrie Bradshaw and the girls extremely “J”? Check out these lovelies that I found recently, along with some online stores that can help you perfect your style.

Bag Snob featured the adorable clutch below, which can be found for a cool $495 at Deco Jewels in NYC:


Gorgeous Vintage Flapper Purse for sale on ebay by iused2have1ofthose!!

Rhinestone Love for sale on ebay from myfrenchchateau22