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Strolling Down Old School Animation Lane

Vintage cartoons are making a comeback in the online community. I just discovered a site called Vuze where mytoons.com is “bringing on the cartoon nostalgia” with our old school favorites — Popeye and Betty Boop for starters…

Reminds me of Saturday mornings in front of the old console rapt in the antics of Popeye, Olive Oil and Brutus. If you want to do the same again (only this time in front of your computer screen) check it out at http://www.vuze.com/channel/mytoons.


Zombie Charm

Many of my friends are fans of zombies, and one friend has taken this love to new extremes with the creation of Tofu the Vegan Zombie. Destined for cult greatness, this adorable animated creation, recently came to life in the form of limited edition dolls, and is not starring in an online movie “Zombie Dearest.”

Tofu is also officially a toy: You can get him at Teddy Scares for $17.99.

Check it out below and vote, vote, vote! Tofu is destined for zombie greatness!